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6/21/2018 - I am for the lafayette connector. Should have been done years ago. Would like to see it completed in my lifetime!
5/11/2018 - I49 Connector will provide much needed hurricane evacuation routes and relieve Lafayette traffic.
5/11/2018 - Jobs will come and the tax base will increase to provide for more projects.
3/29/2018 - The i49 con corrects none of the socioeconomic issues caused by the evangeline thruway, in fact this highway will serve to further segregate our city. there were options, all were ignored.
3/29/2018 - the toxic RR property is an issue that should not fall on the taxpayers to clean up. not only does this pollution sit atop our Chicot Aquifer, the toxic property falls along the footprint of this mammoth mistake.
3/29/2018 - tall buildings are the official answer to the noise pollution? excuse my cynicism, however, i’ve never seen a 3 story gas station. None of this makes any sense. three dementional solutions? because it’s an ugly raised highway? i think not. Lafayette will be moved backward instead of made better by options that were not considered.
2/28/2018 - Hello all, I just want to be one of the many voices reaching out to you all opposing the I 49 connector project.
2/28/2018 - While we do need updated infrastructure, this is an outdated proposition which the citizens of this parish are overwhelmingly against. Nowhere…. no, not even Toronto, can you show me an example of where an overpass has improved the quality of life for residents of a city. s Lafayette going to always be 20 steps behind progress? When we will start making decisions that make Lafayette a better place to live? 40 years ago, building overpasses was popular, now they are wanting to tear them all down as the consequences for the communities are undeniably negative. And why would you put it right through downtown? The heart of the city?
2/28/2018 - You are nailing the coffin for Lafayette being an industrial town with all our eggs in the oil companies' basket. We have seen with the recent economic depression that we need to diversify our economy and more and more people are wanting to come here to eat, dance, hear live music, go canoeing, etc.
2/28/2018 - By maintaining an inviting and classy entrance to downtown with walkability from the nearby historic neighborhoods, we are encouraging this kind of economy that benefits local small owned business rather than gigantic foreign owned oil corporations and thereby empowering and enriching our people and local economy. I beg you to reconsider this epic mistake that Lafayette will regret until we have the money and power to tear it back down. Save time, energy, and money, and just don’t support this cultural atrocity. Sincerely, Katie Hebert