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4/24/2017 - A beltway is best. It offers a safe hurricane route w/minimal impact on the environment, history, culture, & lives of local residents.
4/24/2017 - Just leave out the corridor itself - nothing can mitigate the damage. Don't build the I49 corridor over Evangeline Thruway - GO AROUND the city.
4/24/2017 - The impact on historic preservation lifestyle, health, & safety of the residents is too great. Bad idea.
3/30/2017 - The EIS is woefully inadequate in surveying critical natural environment features that will be impacted by any major highway that is ultimately chosen (hydrology, Sole Source Aquifer, Vermilion Watershed, Cypress Island Swamp Wetlands).
3/30/2017 - The public has made clear the number one value that we want protected is the Chicot Aquifer. The LUS waterworks north side facility is within the area of influence. The Chicot Aquifer (with recharge characteristics) is only 38 ft below the surface in the area of the railroad facility. The railyard facility has been deemed to be a "superfund" like-site. Those contaminants are now being drawn into the LUS northside water facility (although the contamination has been known for decades). Litigation calling for (1) a comprehensive study facility wide, and beyone ad necessary in order to inform the second component of the lawsuit ie (2) a comprehensive clean up and (3) have cost to all @ the responsible parties expense, not taxpayers.
3/29/2017 - I would like to make a public comment to be shared with the TAC+EC that the CWG took a vote with 15 of 23 present members voting in favor of not removing and of the 4 or 6 series from consideration and to continue to explore both.
3/29/2017 - We do not want another Flint Michigan for our Lafayette. Would Contaminate our Water Please, please, an elevated HWy over Evangeline would contaminate our water.
3/29/2017 - A road (nice) around the city would greatly help for emergency or fixing a nice area (Boulevard) on Evangeline Hwy if a Boulevard would be done
3/29/2017 - From detroit free press: Emergency managers, city officials charged in Flint water crisis Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced new criminal charges against four defendantsMonday.
3/29/2017 - The email copied below was sent in reply to the blog post about our recommendation letter. ---mike On Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 7:42:55 PM UTC-5, Fredprejean wrote: Members of the Lafayette Water Trustees support the Sierra Club and WaterMark Alliance in the endeavor to protect our aquifer and insure the safety and quality of water for residents of Lafayette Parish.